French card game for your new experience

If you want to try out special games with unusual but simple rules, then play the famous French card games. Many of you may have never heard of such gambling entertainment before. If so, then it’s time to find out what they are and how to play them. French card game is most often found at land-based clubs, but today there are also special gambling apps that you can download to your device and compete on the Internet.

Exciting French games for two participants

First card games appeared in France many years ago. It is known that a classic card deck, which is now used in casinos around the world for Poker or Blackjack competitions, originally appeared in France. Of course, today you will also find Spanish, German or Italian playing cards, but the French deck is most popular in Europe and the United States.

Do you want to know popular French card game in casinos, which is available today? Then get ready to record:

  • Belot. A famous French card game invented in France at the beginning of the last century. The number of participants is from 2 to 4. The rules are quite complicated, but this makes a round incredibly exciting and intriguing;
  • Ecarte. If you’ve read stories about Sherlock Holmes, then you probably know that main characters there often competed in this game. The number of participants is 2 persons. Rules are pretty simple and clear even for inexperienced gamers;
  • Kemps. This fun card game involves matching cards and secretly signaling to your partner when you have a full set. Number of players – from 2 to 6;< /li>
  • President. This play originated in Japan, but became very popular in France. Young French gamers love it. A goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards in the final;
  • Tarot. A unique French card game, which is chosen mainly by women. The game is played using a special deck of cards. The number of participants is 4.

Original French card plays are also available online today. Choose a game app from the mobile store and start honing your skills.

The most interesting French game with cards

According to the opinions of real players, today Ecarte is a perfect French card game for two players. The number of participants here is 2 persons. Ecarte includes some tricks that make its gameplay unique and incendiary. Initially, Ecarte was popular in the 19th century, now it is played mainly in online format.

The point of the round is as follows: all cards from two to six are removed from the 52-sheet deck. Ecarte is a game with 32 cards. They go from the lowest 7, 8, 9, to the highest – 10, ACE, Jack, Queen, King. Note that the ACE is placed between 10 and the Jack, making King the highest one. Participants of the round choose a dealer among themselves. As a result, each gamer gets 5 cards while dealing. For each player, these cards are divided into two packs: one has 2 cards, and the second has 3. A trump in this French casino card game is determined by the 11th card, which a dealer issues face up.

Ecarte card fun is based on tricks and starts with the highest combo leading the initial step, after which a winner of the previous trick leads the next one. If it is possible to follow his example, the other player must always do so. A person, who scores five points in one or two games wins.

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